Wooden Surface – Transparent Finishes

Surface Preparation

  • The Wooden Surface to be coated/painted must be seasoned (moisture level between 10-15%). It indicates proper level of moisture and treatment to prevent deformation in extreme hot/cold climate.
  • In case of new wood surface, first the surface has to be sanded with emery paper along the direction of the grains of the wood to remove the roughness of the wood.
  • This has to be followed by application of suitable wood filler. The purpose of the filler is to fill the grains and pores and it should not be used as putty. The excess filler must be removed by strokes along the grain pattern. After 30 minutes, the filler may be applied again if required. Allow 2 to 3 hours drying time.
  • Sand the filled surface with emery paper no. 320.
  • Staining with Apcolite Wood Stains is optional. Do not use Apcolite Wood Stains on exterior wooden surfaces.


For New Wood

  • Ensure that the surface to be coated is free from dust.
  • Choose any transparent coating from Asian Paints like Touchwood, Melamyne or PU Clear Finish.
  • Two to three coats of finish coating application are recommended to achieve the best results in terms of gloss and decorative appeal.
  • Containers should be tightly closed after use.

For Pre-Polished Wood

  • Sand the surface along the grains with emery paper No. 180 followed by No. 320 to get a smooth uniform surface.
  • If staining is desired, completely remove the old finish. Wipe the surface free of loose dust.
  • Proceed with the finish paint coats as explained above.

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